Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy New Year . . . on September 13th!

Technically we celebrate the New Year once a calendar year on January 1st.  Everyone talks about fresh starts and new goals.  The energy lasts for a couple of weeks and then dies down until the months roll by and January 1st shows up again.

I prefer to look at the calendar as if we have many New Year's opportunities - the beginning of a new calendar year (January 1st, of course), and then my birthday (April 3rd), the beginning of summer (early June) and finally the beginning of a new school year (post-Labor Day).  I always feel energized and motivated at the start of a new phase.  New goals are set.  New opportunities are discovered.  As weeks pass I tend to get bogged down with schedules and stressors.  But then before I can get too lost in myself . . . BAM!  Happy New Year!  A new phase starts with a different schedule and a different perspective and I can start fresh . . . again. 

The "again" hanging off the end of that last sentence can be deflating or motivating.  I choose motivating! 

In my house we finally have our first full week of the new school year behind us.  My kids are falling into the routine of homework after school (and there is a LOT this year!) so that we have time to "play" when I get home from work. 

Today starts my fourth and final New Year of 2014.  It is time to rally myself again and get back on track.  I'm setting my New Year's Resolutions!  Since hurting my foot in June I've gotten away from running on a regular basis.  I registered for a 5k being run at the end of October.  I'm re-starting c25k (Couch to 5k training program) TODAY with the goal of being able to run the 3.1 miles without walking.  I will also get to the gym at least twice a week taking my family with me. We need to travel this journey of health together.

While there is no champagne or fun hats or dropping ball, I invite you to consider celebrating the New Year today, too.  Any day is a good day for a fresh start.  Why not make today YOUR day?!