Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Healthy Friendship

Last weekend my best friend Amy and I went away to Hidden Valley (a resort in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands).  We've been friends for over eight years and for the past six years have encouraged and motivated each other to live a life of healthy choices.

Amy and I hiking at Forbes State Forest
Throughout this past weekend I was reminded of how different we are now as compared to when we first met.

We got pizza to eat on Friday night.  Instead of eating the entire pizza, we each had three pieces.

Instead of laying around the condo all day or heading over to the spa for a facial (which would not have been a bad choice and is something we totally plan to do the next time we get to escape life!) on Saturday, we headed to Forbes State Forest for a hike.

Throughout the weekend we drank water (and a little wine!) instead of downing can after can of pop.

For dinner on Saturday we enjoyed a clean recipe of Chicken White Bean Chili ( instead of stuffing ourselves with greasy processed foods and an over-abundance of gooey dips.

Dessert was warm chocolate chip cookies served with vanilla ice cream instead of consuming an entire pan of brownies.

On Sunday morning we vegged out in front of the TV for a couple of episodes of Friends, but then laced up our tennis shoes for a brisk 2 mile walk around the resort.  Years ago we would have spent the entire morning glued to the TV.

When it came time to head home we felt refreshed instead of tired and heavy.  We had talked and laughed and cried and watched a couple of chick flicks -- and hiked and walked and enjoyed the crisp fresh fall air.  The weekend was an excellent reminder to me of how thankful I am to have such a positive friendship in my life.  Amy encourages me and motivates me.  Making healthy choices is so much easier when you have someone making those same choices along side you.  It's a lot more fun, too!

Forbes State Forest 
Enjoying a roaring fire