Friday, August 19, 2016

My Phone will Show You - I Worked my Plan!

One of my dad's favorite pieces of advice for his daughters and grandchildren is
Plan your Work and Work your Plan.
Very wise advice that I try to follow.  At the beginning of every season, I take time to think about what I want to accomplish and set goals for myself and my family.  They're not always serious goals like trying a new healthy recipe or exercising three times a week.  Often it's that I want to try a certain restaurant, make 'Smores at least one time or check out a new Putt Putt course.  I make a plan for myself so that time passes with few regrets of things that I wanted to accomplish or experience and don't. 
At 2:30AM this morning I was awake and consumed with guilt and worry.  Summer 2016 is pretty much over.  Had this summer been fun enough?  Active Enough?  Memorable enough?  My kids are getting older and I often feel as if they are slipping through my fingers.  Time with them is becoming more and more precious.  Was I honoring that time and making the most of it?  Had I "worked my plan" this summer?
While taking my last walk on the beach this morning capturing a beautiful sunrise, I realized that I held the answer to those questions that had been nagging me all night in my hand.  My phone!  All I had to do was look through the hundreds of moments I captured over the summer.
My first picture of the summer - Celebrating JJ's birthday with
Fortune Star and Putt Putt
Creating fun memories watching both the Pittsburgh Penguins and
the Cleveland Cavs win Championships!
Making sure both kids were out and about with friends and not
spending the entire summer in their rooms on their phones.
Professional Goal Met - My Team received Community LIFE's Inaugural
Excellence in Quality Award!
Going to Hidden Valley (I never made it there last summer!)
 and spending time with my family.
The last picture taken on my phone this morning.
A beautiful sunrise over Ocean Isle Beach, NC
To me this symbolizes my continued efforts to exercise regularly -
I got up every morning of vacation and walked 2 miles!
I'd say that is proof to me that I worked my plan.  Our summer was fun, active and memorable.  No regrets here! 

One more day on the beach and then it will be time to begin planning the next season and putting that plan to work.  My Dad always gives good advice.