Sunday, January 8, 2012

Give your Health Journey a Kick-Start!

Before I started exercising on a regular basis, the thought of exercising never even crossed my mind.  I eventually realized that I had to throw the "HAVE TO" out the window and find my "WANT TO."  The problem was that I didn't know HOW to do that.

What gave my journey toward health and wellness a kick-start two years ago was trying something new.  I would have NEVER imagined that I would enjoy running (Trust me - I remember with great agony running the mile around the Franklin Regional High School Complex for the President's Challenge 20 years ago!).  To train for and then complete a 5K was completely stepping out of my comfort zone.  In the process of training, I learned something about myself: life had just been passing me by - wake up, pack lunches, go to work, make dinner, drive kids around, go to bed, repeat.  Trying something new added an element of excitement that I was missing.  I had something to look forward to everyday.  I had a new goal that I WANTED to prove I could accomplish, even if only to myself.  Challenging myself gave me an enthusiasm for exercising that hadn't been there before.

On Saturday, I was talking with a woman in her 60's.  She recently took up Synchronized Swimming.  Synchronized Swimming!!!  At 60!  Isn't that so cool?  She has a private coach.  Her group is training for a performance.  Seriously??  Isn't that amazing!  As she talked about swimming her face lit up and I could feel the enthusiasm bursting from her.  This woman told me that she never imagined herself swimming, but when she moved into a new apartment community there was a pool so she decided to try it.  That led to an invitation to join the Synchronized Swimming group.  Had she not stepped out of her comfort zone and jumped in that pool, she would not be having the amazing experiences that she is having now.

Is there something new that you've always wanted to try?  Kick boxing?  Skating?  Karate?  Rock Climbing?  Kayaking?  Zumba?  The list of possibilities goes on and on.  What's holding you back?  Go for it!  Who knows what could happen!  I'll share with you tomorrow how I decided on running.

For the record - I had mentioned in a previous post that I would set my 2012 health and fitness goals by 1/6/12.  They were ready on 1/6, but my house was invaded by 12 year-old boys so I couldn't get to the computer.  So, I'm a few days late, but here they are . . . In 2012 I will
1) Participate in one running event each month including 2 5-mile and 2 10K events;
2) Take 1 minute off of my 5K time;
3) Take at least 1 Zumba Class a week;
4) Try a Spinning Class; and
5) Lose 15 more pounds.

Have you set your health and fitness goals for 2012?  It's not too late!  I hope your goals include trying something new.  Trust me, it will give you the kick-start that you need.

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