Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Definition of Winning

I recently had a conversation with my sister Meg and our Dad.  It was the night before we ran Just a Short Run where Meg ran the Half-Marathon and I ran the 8.1 mile.  Our Dad was sharing with us how proud he is of us for the hard work we have put in to accomplishing our running goals.  I made the comment, "There are people who have run much farther or have accomplished far greater things than running 8 miles."  I love my Dad's response to my statement - so much so that I wrote it down and posted it on where I can see it everyday.


My dad is right.  It is easy to slip into a place where I am comparing myself to others.  She runs faster than me.  She's skinnier than me.  He's accomplished more than me.  From that angle, it's easy to feel defeated.  Instead, I need to keep my mind in a place where I am comparing myself to me . . . comparing myself to where I have been and to where I want to go. 

At this moment in my life I am focused on completing a Half Marathon.  That is where I am going.  That will be my victory.  Where am I coming from?  I'm coming from that day 3 years ago when I couldn't run from my mailbox to my neighbor's mailbox without thinking my lungs were going to explode.  I'm coming from a pair of size 22 blue jeans.  I'm coming from spending most nights sitting on the couch with a bag of chips in my lap.  From that angle, it's easy to feel excited and proud.

My moment of victory is just two weeks away.  For me, crossing that Half-Marathon finish line will make me a winner.  It feels good to know that in my Dad's eyes I already am one!

My Dad with my daughter Ellie.

Meg and I after finishing Just a Short Run.

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