Monday, January 20, 2014

3 Reasons EVERYONE should Run/Walk at least ONE 5k

Whether you WALK or RUN, a 5k is . . .

1) . . . able to be DONE!

I believe it is important to set ourselves up for success, not failure.  Completing 3.1 miles is an achievable goal.  Some people may be able to walk out their front door and go for 3.1 miles without getting winded even if they don't exercise on a regular basis (How annoying are they?!?).  For others - like me - it's takes a little bit of preparation.  When I first decided to complete a 5k, I was terrified.  3.1 miles felt like a million miles!  After following a simple 15-week Couch to 5k training program I was able to cross the finish line.  At 5k's you see people of all fitness levels.  Those who appear to sprint the course finishing in 15 minutes.  Those who jog or do run/walk intervals.  Those who walk at a more leisurely pace.  The important thing is not the time on the clock, but the simple fact that everyone crosses the same finish line.  No matter what fitness level you are at today, with some preparation you WILL be able to do it!
2) . . . lots of FUN!

I can honestly say that I have never seen a grumpy person at a 5k.  Everyone is always so happy!  Smiling.  Cheering for each other.  Celebrating.  Laughing.  Whether it is sunny or freezing or raining . . . everyone is happy!  You see goofy groups in tu-tus and moments of great victory and hi-fives galore! What better place to be than one that when you get in your car to go home you find yourself sitting there with a goofy smile on your face?  I could go on and on with all of the scientific lingo about running increasing endorphins and stuff, but bottom line - a 5k is a happy place.  What a great environment to take your family or get together with a group of friends.  Trust me - you WILL have FUN!

3) . . . a great way to make a DONATION!

Just about every 5k is a fundraiser for a charity.  There are local events raising money for a school, food pantry or member of the community where you are running or walking with under a hundred people to several hundred.  There are also events in larger cities or national events like Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure where you are running or walking with thousands. What a fantastic way to give back to your community while doing something great for yourself, too.  Crossing the finish line is your gift to you.  Your entry fee is your gift to that great charity.

What's stopping you?  Give one a try!
Spring will be here before you know it and Spring is a season where you will be able to find 5k's being held all around you.  Take some time to consider giving a 5k a try - it's do-able, promises to be a fun experience and makes a difference in your community!  You can find a local 5k by searching online.  Now that a 5k is on your mind, I'm sure you will notice signs  popping up around your community or you'll start hear people talking about them.  If, like me, completing that 5k will take a little prep work simply search the Internet for a couch to 5k training program.  You can do it!  Who knows - once you try one you my find that you are hooked!

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