Tuesday, May 19, 2015


WHAM-O.  Two paddles and a ball.  I have great memories of playing hours of paddle ball the summer my church youth group went to Martha's Vineyard for two weeks to teach VBS on the beach (Yes, we were truly suffering for the Lord!).  When I saw this set at the store, I couldn't pass it up.  I hoped I had found the key to getting my kids off the couch and outside this Spring.

It turns out . . . this could be the best $5 I ever spent!

WHAM-O is an easy game to play.  Success comes quickly - we hit it back and forth four times.  Next time we make it for six.  Victory!

WHAM-O brings a light - though at times quite intense! - sense of competition - which pairing of family members can get a higher score?

WHAM-O creates funny memories.  Remember how JJ smacked himself in the face last time we played?  Mom, remember when you ran into the tree?  Ellie, what was that noise you made diving for the ball?

I often say that the hardest part of exercising is making the move to get off the couch.  The promise of easy, good old-fashioned competitive WHAM-O fun sparks that desire.  I think that it makes it easier for my kids to say yes when I ask them to play because they know it is going to be a good time.

Now here is the BEST part - I've discovered that the request for a couple games of WHAM-O leads to more outdoor activities - Let's shoot some hoops!  Mom, do you know where the Frisbee is?  Do you remember that summer we played four-square almost every night?  Instead of my kids losing interest after awhile and heading back inside, they are wanting to stay outside and play longer!  A totally unexpected twist to my WHAM-O plan.

A twist that I am embracing.  And enjoying every moment of it!!
The record currently stands at 72!

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