Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Serving = One Cookie = One Hundred Calories . . . Really?

Today was a stress-filled day.  By 10:30PM I was tired and I was hungry.  I hadn't sat down for any decent length of time other than my car ride home from work and I hadn't eaten dinner.  My emotions ranged from frustration to anger to sadness to just plain blah!  I still had to make a stop at the grocery store before ending my day and I knew it was a recipe for disaster.  But we needed milk and bread.  Plus, if I showed up at home without Jamison's ice cream he would lose it!  (I say that in a joking manner; however, those of you who know my husband know how serious he is about his ice cream!)

As I walked through the grocery store, I passed a fun display of Oreo cookies.  They were on sale!  And I saw that they had Triple Double Stuff Oreos!  My co-worker had been telling me about these amazing creations.
The Triple Double Stuff Oreo
One box wouldn't hurt.  Plus, I've been separating the snacks into portion size baggies for my kids to help them control their after-school eating frenzy.  These Triple Double Stuffs would make a nice treat.

Into my cart they went!

As I came down the final aisle I grabbed a gallon of milk.  I saw the individual-sized small jugs of milk.  Maybe I'll sneak an Oreo or two in the car before I get home.  This milk will make them taste even better.

Into my cart went the small jug of milk.

After paying for my groceries and getting into my car, I remembered my Oreos.  So I pulled over and reached into the back seat digging through the grocery bags.  Found them!

I popped a Triple Double Stuff Oreo in my mouth and followed it with a big swig of milk.  MMmmmmm!  It tasted SO good!  I enjoyed another and another . . . one after the other until I had finished five Oreos.  FIVE!  I didn't feel guilty or bad or sick to my stomach.  I enjoyed every single bite!

When I got home, I unpacked the groceries.  Taking the opened bag of Oreos, I got out a couple Ziploc baggies to divide the remaining Oreos into serving size portions.  I peaked at the nutrition information on the package.  How many cookies equaled one serving?  Three?  Four? 

I blinked my eyes several times to make sure that I was seeing things correctly.  Was that the number one?  One serving equaled one cookie?  Home many calories are listed for that suggested serving size of ONE cookie?  . . . . . . .

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.  Was I reading that right?  One serving size equals 100 calories.  WHAT?!?!?  You mean to tell me that I just ate 500 calories worth of cookies?  How can there be that many calories in the one little cookie?!?!  Even if it is a Triple Double Stuff one?!?!  I'm in complete shock.  I can't believe I did that.  I ate 500 calories in a matter of minutes . . . and I enjoyed it!

Lesson learned:  I still think that it is perfectly acceptable to have a P.I.T.Y. (Purposefully Indulge the Yuck!) Party every once in awhile (And if my party involves Oreos - that's ok.).  Next time I throw myself a P.I.T.Y. Party though, I need to at least peek at the food label of whatever food I'm indulging in.  500 Calories?!?!  In 5 cookies?!?!?!  Oh boy - that part of this feeding frenzy was a bit crazy!  Definitely should have chose to Walk Away from those Triple Double Stuffs!

So now I have 500 extra calories to burn.  Looks like this Mom is off to go running!  But it's late and I'm tired.  I'll throw in a couple extra laps tomorrow.  Good Night!  

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