Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tried a New Workout Tonight . . . DRUMMING!

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with an instructor at our local YMCA - Colleen. She told me about a new class she was starting and invited me to attend.  It sounded like fun so I told I would check it out.

When I arrived for the class this evening, the classroom was dark.  I went back to the front desk and there was Colleen. 

"Are you drumming tonight?" I asked.

Her face lit up. "I'd love to," she said.  "It's probably going to be just you and me.  Is that OK?"

"It's OK with me if it is OK with you," I responded.  I have to confess that there was a small voice in my head that said, "Are you crazy?  Can you say awkward?"  But over the past few years I've learned to ignore that voice - it's the same one that used to tell me that Oreos would make me feel better.

Colleen led me into the classroom and we set-up the Exercise Balls.  She handed me two drumsticks and turned on the music.  This began my introduction to

How much fun did I have?  A ton!  How much did I sweat?  A ton!  The concept seems simple - hit a big rubber ball with a set of sticks.  I fed off of Colleen's enthusiasm and picked up the rhythms quickly.  
The impact of the class was deep.  The Drums Alive website describes it as a mind/body experience.
"Drums Alive® joins the dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the pulsating rhythms of the drum. It is a unique sensory/motor program that is designed to give the mind and body instant feedback through continuous movement and rhythmical flow. It is a program that utilizes "whole brain - whole body" thinking by developing sensory motor reflexes and kinesthetic awareness. The physiological and psychological benefits are numerous including those found in traditional forms of aerobic fitness. Drumming has also been found to improve and increase the neurological connection between the 2 brain hemispheres, stimulating Alpha brain wave activity which can lead to higher levels of concentration, sensory/motor improvement, and an overall sense of well being."  (   
By the end of the 50-minute class, my heart was pounding, sweat was dripping from my nose and I had a HUGE smile on my face.  I'm so glad I didn't walk away when the room was dark or when I realized I would be the only student.  Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new paid off for me tonight.  I had a good time and got a great workout!
Who's joining me next week?  6PM Thursdays at the East Suburban YMCA in Plum. 

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