Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Simple Closet Cleaning Tip!

This weekend I switched out my Spring/Summer clothes for my Fall/Winter clothes.  During this ritual, I always asking myself two questions:
1) Are my pants still going to fit?
2) What am I donating to Goodwill?
The first question is actually more of a plea - Please let them fit!  Please let them fit!
The second question always causes some great internal debates - I know I haven't worn that top at all, but I just kept forgetting about it.  Next year I'll make sure it is front and center.  No, you really don't like it that's why you never wear it.  But, it was such a great deal.  How can I not wear it?  That skirt is a little tight.  I'm sure I'll have lost some more weight by next year.  That shirt is really comfortable, but I don't think it's really the style anymore. Keep it - styles always circle around.  Nope - it's gotta go! 
I have many of the same debates with my kids when we go through their closets.  They have clothes that I like that they never wear that I hope they will wear some day.  Clothes that have been worn well that I think are ready for the rag bag that they don't want to part with.  Clothes that I look at and think, "Did I really buy that?"  Sorting through their closets is an activity that rarely ends well.  (As I'm typing my daughter just came up to me and asked in a sarcastic pre-teen tone - Is this outfit OK with the Fashion Police?  Ha! Ha!  If it is still in your closet, yes it passes!) 
This week one of my co-workers shared an idea with me that should make this project a whole lot easier when it comes time to sort through our closets again:
We hung all of the hangers in our closet backwards!
As we wear clothes we will hang them back up in our closest with the hanger facing the normal direction.  When it comes time to sort through out clothes again, any clothes on hangers still hanging backwards are an automatic "You're outta here!"  What a simple idea that should save time and arguments.
We'll see how things go in the Spring!  For now, I'm enjoying my sweaters.

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