Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Top Ten

A fun idea I stole from photographer Carrie Farmerie's website (www.carriefarmerie.com). 

Lisa's Top Ten
  • I have ONE intelligent, funny, very tall son.
  • I have TWO beautiful daughters - actually only one, but she is with her BFF so much I often feel like I have two!
  • THREE things I really enjoy - Coffee, watching Castle early on Saturday mornings (l-o-v-e actor Nathan Fillion!) and walking in the woods.
  • FOUR-O!  I turned forty this year and celebrated by completing the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon.
  • I run at least one FIVE-K a month to keep myself motivated to exercise on a regular basis.
  • SIX + 10 = 16  That's how many years my husband and I have been married.
  • I can honestly say that I would have no problem eating pizza for dinner SEVEN nights a week!
  • My son is in EIGHTh grade and my daughter is in sixth.  How is that possible?
  • I am on Cloud NINE that the Pittsburgh Pirates not only had a winning season in 2013, but are in the play-offs after 20 consecutive losing seasons!
  • I fall asleep TEN seconds after my head hits the pillow, but am often awake at 4AM thinking about the day ahead.
Your turn!  What is your Top Ten?

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