Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A March Fourth Challenge - Are you in?

Today is one of my favorite days of the year . . . March Fourth.  It is the only date on the calendar that is a command.  March Fourth . . . Move Forward . . . Get Moving . . . Go!!!

For those of you who made a New Year's Resolution and gave-up because you messed up after a few days or weeks - This is the perfect day to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give it another try.

For those of you who have just plain given up on ever making a healthy lifestyle change because you just can't do it for whatever reason - you have no willpower, you're too weak, you don't like carrots, the calling of the couch is too strong - This is the perfect day to set those feelings aside and try one more time.

For those of you who think that you don't have time to make healthy choices in your life right now - you'll think about that later when your kids are grown, when your bills are paid off, when you're done with school - This is the perfect day to challenge yourself to make one healthy addition to your day.

Today is the perfect day to throw all of the doubt and guilt and anxiety and frustration and worry and indifference away.  You can make healthy choices in your life.  You can create change.  Start small.  One small step + one small step + one small step = a BIG change.

Here we go . . . 

Choose ONE goal below and challenge yourself to complete it TODAY:

1) Today I will drink THREE glasses of water.
2) Today I will do 25 jumping jacks (whether all at once or in 5 groups of 5).
3) Today I will eat ONE piece of fresh fruit.
4) Today I will high-five FIVE people that are not members of my family.

See one you like?  Now commit to doing it sometime between now and when you go to bed.  It won't take long and I know that you feel great when you have accomplished it.

Today is the day . . . Today is YOUR day.
March Fourth . . . Move Forward . . . Get Going . . . GO . . . a life filled with healthy choices waits for you!

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