Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Lesson on Compromise

This past Saturday, a rare event happened - my mom, sister and I all had several hours of free time at the same time.  We love doing things together, but it's hard to find a time that works for each of us.  This was our chance! 

My sister wanted to do something that involved her children.  My mom wanted to do something to kick-off her holiday season.  There are few options for 5ks in December, so I wanted everyone to join me at the Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell Run.  We ALL wanted to be together.  So . . .

The Hamer Women with the Jingle Bell Elf

Compromise was the key.  My sister brought one of her children (Our little guy was too cold at the Turkey Trot so we knew he would not be happy!).  My mom threw on several extra layers (If you look at the picture her coat is not zipped because she literally can't get the zipper together!).  I still completed my 5k for the month of December, but I walked it rather than ran (Remember, my goal is to COMPLETE a 5k a month, not RUN a 5k a month!).  My daughter came along, too, making it a special outing for only the Hamer women - no men allowed on this adventure!

I have to confess that there was a small piece of me that wasn't too keen on this idea at first.  Obviously, family is more important that anything else.  Yet, I kept thinking about the time clock and how by walking the event my time would stick out among all of my other 5k times.  It would be so slow in comparison. 

"Really Lisa???  Who is looking at your times and comparing them?  No one but you," I could picture that smaller version of me standing on my shoulder with her arms crossed, rolling her eyes and talking in an annoyed tone. 

"Excellent point," I told myself.  "Let's move on!"  And I did . . .

. . . And we had an EXCELLENT morning at the Jingle Bell Run! 

I think that too often adults are not willing to compromise.  That's what leads to so many family feuds.  In this situation it did take us several days of text messages and phone calls, but when our wise mother reminded us that our initial plan was to spend time together it made the decision an easy one.  By putting our individual agendas aside and putting our hearts together, we ended up having an incredible day TOGETHER.

OK, OK, OK . . . I have to confess that I still set a goal for that stupid time clock!  I wanted us to complete the event in under one hour.  Our time . . . 59:11!!!  Woo-Hoo!!

A bonus for me - I got an unexpected gift.  I felt great joy and pride as I crossed the finish line with my mom as she completed her second 5k.  She exercises on a regular basis, but 3.1 miles is farther than her normal distance.  Our mom is one of our best cheerleaders on our journey to be healthy and incorporate exercise into busy family life.  What an example to my sister and I (and our daughters!) on supporting someone's dreams and goals by literally jumping into their adventure - I LOVE it!  A high-five to Ellie and Arden who also completed their second 5ks on Saturday. 

A lesson for all of us - As you make plans with your family and friends, plan with your heart.  Compromise can lead to great memories made TOGETHER rather than getting angry and spending time apart.

Ellie and My Mom

These two are just TOO CUTE together!!!

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