Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Mile is Better than No Mile

This weekend the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday Season arrived in full force!  While I make it a point to try to enjoy every crazy moment, it is so easy to let the stress of getting everything done get the best of me.  So while I maintain my focus on including some type of exercise into my schedule on a regular basis, I also adopt the attitude that doing something is better than doing nothing.

Yesterday was a perfect example . . .

I started my day by getting dressed in my running clothes.  My plan was to drop JJ off at basketball practice, zip into Pat Catan's to purchase the picture frames I needed for Christmas gifts, sprint through the grocery store and arrive back at the school with enough time to run three miles at the track.  All within two hours.

Well, as I'm sure you guessed my plan didn't exactly work out that way.  I called my mom on the way to my first stop and we ended up having a very encouraging conversation.  One that I definitely needed, but one that took over 30 minutes.  Once I finally got into the craft store I got a little bit distracted by all of the paper and beads and sparkles and snowmen and . . . I am rarely in this store by myself and the frames are all the way in the back and it was just so much fun to wander around and . . . yep, I got sucked in by all of the wonderful holiday magic . . . and it was WONDERFUL!  I had a ball. 

After standing in the line that wound across the front and down an aisle all the way to the back, I left with only 30 minutes to spare.  Totally not enough time to go to the grocery store AND most definitely not enough time to run three miles. 

I arrived at the school with less than 15 minutes before practice ended.  Sitting in my car I mentally reviewed the rest of my day and realized that this was it.  This was my only chance to fit in exercise.  So I got out of my car, zipped up my jacket, pulled my hat over my ears and took off around the track. 

Now I am not a fast runner and in my haste to get going I forgot to start my watch, but I must have been flying around that track!  I ran a full mile before seeing JJ walk out of the school.  Go Me!

I've decided that I'm going to use this experience as my motto for the rest of this crazy holiday month . . . One Mile is Better than No Mile!  I'm still including full workouts into my schedule, but I'm not going to let myself feel upset if time runs out.  Doing something is better than doing nothing.  Plus I know that this Mom is a much more relaxed happier Mom when she gets her workout in! 

Before entering back into the world of Holiday Craziness, I want to take a moment and THANK YOU for reading my Blog and wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you had a fun-filled day.  My day was FANTASTIC!  Below are some pictures from Pittsburgh's Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot that benefited the local YMCA.  I am SO THANKFUL for those who encourage me and support my desire to find a way to fit exercise into my crazy life. 
My sister Meg is my FAVORITE 5K Running Buddy!!  I am so thankful we have running in common and go to these events together.  She is my head cheerleader!  Thank you Meg - love you!

 There are some of the Moms from the local Moms Run This Town Chapter.  I haven't been able to meet them for their organized group runs (yet!), but I enjoy being a part of the group through Facebook and seeing them at races.  I am thankful for a great group of encouraging and hilarious women!  The woman on the right sporting the fashionable yet warm garbage bag is our awesome leader Melanie Fleming.  Find a chapter near you at 
I was happy my brother-in-law Chris ran.  It's been a while since we ran an event together (Meaning we stand at the starting line together and then he's there at the finish line waiting for me.  Ha!Ha!)  I don't think he fully understands the important role he played in my running journey.  Had he not been with me at my first 5k, I would have walked away from the course after the first 100 yards!  I am so thankful for that moment when he encouraged me to stick with it!


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