Saturday, December 14, 2013

STOP!!! . . . . ok, you may continue

Life is a series of
disastrous moments,
painful moments,
unexpected moments
and things that will break your heart.
In between those moments you
savor, savor, savor.
Sandra Bullock
That is what this week felt like.  One thing after another.  Crazy stress-filled moments sprinkled with moments of fun and laughter.  However, by Friday I was struggling to see the sprinkles.
My brain was muddled from hours spent studying the American Revolution and Metals and Mathematical equations and cell structure and Quel mois est-il?  (The fact that I was French Club President in high school is not helping me help my 14 year-old at all!)  Basketball season has started so we have practice and games and a pile of sweat-soaked laundry every night.  There are chorus concerts and potlucks and work deadlines.  Have I exercised this week?  Barely!  And don't forget that as of today there are only 11 days until Christmas and I'm not done shopping and my tree is still bare and I have given zero thought to a Christmas card??? 
chaos reigns within
reflect, repent, reboot
haiku by Suzie Wagner
Quiet.  Steaming coffee.  Pine-scented candle lit.  Warm fuzzy pajamas.  Christmas jazz.  Children and hubby still sleeping. Ahhhhh . . . Savor . . . Reflect . . .
Week's schedule organized and posted on cupboard.  Menu planned.  Grocery list complete.  Washer whirling. Kitchen sink empty.  Running Shoes on . . .  Reboot . . .

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