Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Setting an Achievable Resolution - Step Three

Happy New Year's Eve! 2013 is ticking away.  The morning news, newspaper and Internet are filled with reports and articles about setting a New Year's Resolution and deciding to get healthy in 2014.  Statistically, only 8% of people keep their Resolutions.  I feel that the main reason for that is because people set unachievable resolutions.  They set themselves up for failure as soon as the words roll off their tongue. 

In 2010 I set, kept and am STILL keeping my New Year's Resolution.  I did it with three simple steps:

1) Set small goals and celebrate often (SMART goals!)
2) Accept the fact that I am going to mess up

3) Ask someone (or several someones) to hold you accountable

When I set out to run my first 5k, I knew that I would not be able to do it by myself.  It would be too easy for me to just quit.  So I asked my brother-in-law Chris if he would run with me.  Why?  Chris is an experienced runner.  He had run 5k's before.  Chris is a very encouraging and calm person.  He could handle me if I started to completely freak out (He is married to my sister so I knew he could definitely handle a Hamer Woman Meltdown - Ha! Ha!).  Chris is funny, so if nothing else I knew I'd be laughing throughout the 3.1 mile race!  It turned out that I needed Chris with me during that first 5k.  I would not have crossed the finish line without him!
My brother-in-law Chris and I celebrating my first 5k Registration in 2010

Four years later, I have several people who hold me accountable to my resolution to live a healthy life (Chris is still one of them!).  I am a part of two groups - Cat's Zumbettes (Ladies from my Zumba Class) and Mom's Run This Town - who will nudge me if I am away too long.  My staff at work know about my bad habits and take great joy in calling me out in front of everyone if they see me getting too close to the vending machines.  My biggest cheerleaders are my friend Amy, my sister Meg and my mom.  They listen to me whine and complain about being tired and sore.  They get on my case if I start to slack off.  They join in my celebrations with hugs and high-fives for even the smallest of milestones. 
Amy and I at Cat's Celebration of Life, 2013
Meg and I at Pittsburgh's Turkey Trot, 2013

My daughter Ellie with my mom at the Jingle Bell Run, 2013
Sharing your Resolution, your goal, your DREAM takes courage.  You may feel extremely embarrassed because you've tried and failed so many times.  You may have tried to quit smoking every January 1st for the past ten years.  You may have started and re-started fitness plans more times than you can count.  You may still be working on losing that baby weight even though your baby is eleven years-old.  Don't worry about that.  Today starts fresh. 
Choose a person to encourage you who will lift you up and propel you forward.  Someone who will be honest with you, will cry with you and will make you laugh.  Someone who when they simply look at you is saying YOU CAN DO THIS! 
There you go . . . three easy steps to setting an ACHIEVABLE RESOLUTION.  You can do this . . . make 2014 the year YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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