Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Google and Go Cooking Day Three: . . . YIKES!

An unexpected twist to my week - we had company for dinner!  The members of my family are not big fans of leftovers, so I usually only make enough to feed four and have one plate leftover for me to take for lunch.  I definitely did not have enough food for any of my remaining meals to feed six adults.  When I learned late last night that we would be having guests for dinner, I knew I had two options . . . make a midnight run for the grocery store or order pizza.  Pizza won! 

The combination of the special evening (my daughter's final elementary orchestra concert) and the fact that my family LOVES pizza made this change in plans the perfect night.

Celebrating Our Beautiful Violinist!

Back to the crockpot tomorrow!  AND - I already have one meal planned for next week!

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